ENGLISH – Info & rates

LED is a group of freelancing editors and translators with experience in the publishing market.

Lucia C. Silver has a degree in Romance Philology and German Language. She got a MA in Linguistics and she used to teach Italian and German in Germany. She’s been working as an editor, reader, translator, PR and copywriter for small publishers and authors; she’s also a co-founder of ESCRIVERE, an online literary agency. In LED she edits, translates from German, proofreads translations and promotes all kind of books.

E. Martina Nealli has a degree in languages (she studied English and Japanese). She’d been volunteering as a translator on the web for a decade before getting her first check, and she’s been working ever since as a translator and proofreader both for digital publishers and self-publishing authors. In LED she translates from English and proofreads translations.

Daniela I. has a degree in Arts; she also studied editing and marketing and wrote contents for several websites. In LED she scouts for books, edits and proofreads translations.

Are you an English author? Do you have a self-published book, or are you a publisher?

We can help you get your work(s) translated into Italian at reasonable prices. We carefully edit and proofread each and every one of our translations, so you’ll always have at least two qualified staffers working on your book.

Here are your options:

  • translation + editing: your book will be translated from English into Italian, and it will be revised and proofread several times, so you’ll get a file that’s ready to be published.
  • translation + editing + promotion: in addition to the translation and proofreading process, we’ll also promote your book on the Italian market. Once your book is sold on the main stores, we’ll contact Italian blogs and organize reviews, blog tours, interviews and all the like – in other words, we’ll work hard to make sure your novel reaches its intended target.

We charge approximatively:

  • Translation + editing: 0,020/0,025 € per word
  • Translation + editing + promotion: 0,020/0,025 € per word + 150 € (one-time fee)

If you have questions about our services or pricing, or if you’d like to ask for an estimate, contact us via our form or send us an email at staffelledi@gmail.com.

We look forward to working on your book!